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MK is recognised as the fastest growing city in the UK. According to a 2012 report by international research firm Experian, Milton Keynes will continue to be the country's number one location for growth in the coming years.

The city was rated as having the highest growth prospects for both jobs and output and has been heralded as the place most likely to lead the UK into new economic growth.

Our population has more than quadrupled from 60,000 in 1967 to 249,900 in 2011. The city is projected to exceed 300,000 in the next fifteen years. Between 1998 and 2008, our business base increased by 36%, attracting five new companies each month.

The second phase of Milton Keynes' expansion is now underway. This new growth will see the city compete economically and culturally with other elite cities across the world.

Plans for the Eastern and Western expansions of the city include more than 10,441 houses and 728 hectares of new development sites.

Over £1 billion of private investment has been committed in the last decade, transforming the city's skyline with new architecture, developing the infrastructure needed and creating an unparalleled air of optimism throughout the city.

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The Local Economic Assessment (LEA) provides a comprehensive and robust analysis of local economic conditions which will inform on the actions, strategies and directions to be taken by the Council and its partners. The production of an LEA became a statutory requirement in April 2010.

You can find the latest Local Economic Assessment at the following link:
Local Economic Assessment